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What is it?

Leaf Solution gutter covers are aluminum frame gutter covers with our patent pending stainless steel mesh that allows water to flow through, but nothing else. Our opening are the size of 1/2 of a grain of sand. We can install over your existiing gutters or do the entire job for you, what ever is needed.

Authorized Seamless Gutters is your local distributor for Leaf Solution gutter covers. We have the choice of products to offer our customers and have determined that Leaf Solution gutter covers deliver the best results and best warranty at great prices. When we install your gutter covers from Leaf Solution, your days of clogs or cleaning of gutters is over. Let us give you a quote to see just how affordable this great product is.

Why it beats the competition?Leaf Solution gutters covers

  • Guaranteed never to Clog.
  • Easy to install over existing gutters or on new gutters and downspouts.
  • Low profile and cannot be seen from the ground.
  • All metal design (no plastic).
  • No holes, slits or louver that catch debris.
  • Easy to install panels that just butt together.
  • Backed by 12 years of testing.
  • Cedar shake or steel pan roofs-no problem.
  • Does not attach to roof, no holes to cause leaks.
  • Better Business Bureau member since 1982
Leaf Solution and ASG a great combination

How can we get Leaf Solution?

  • Call Authorized Seamless Gutters at 952-895-9913
  • E-mail us at info@asgasap.com.
  • ASG offer free estimates.
  • Decide on your color.
  • Make an appointment.

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